Winter is coming. So let’s dress to impress your interior.

This year we were lucky to have that extra sunshine and warmer autumn. But I can't help myself to say; 'I can't wait for winter.' Not sure if it's because I love snow or because it's almost Christmas! Whatever it is, I am sure not everyone agrees with me.

I also prefer to stay indoors and be a hermit. This means getting out my favourite fluffy slippers, cosy blanket for Netflix nights, and that special mug for that special cup of hot chocolate. Hmm... You got to try this out!

Another thing you have to prepare is your interior. If you haven’t done so here are ways to add that winter touch:

Warm Wood

Warm wood colours remind me of cottage houses. The tones adds warmth and brightens any interior. Ways to include this colour is to decorate with rattan accessories, paint a room (a feature wall against white walls = EFFECTIVE) and make sure the paint colour is warm and mellow. Or if you want to go big, have wood panels or wall dividers.

Knitted Throws & Blankets

The knitted accessories have become a huge trend this autumn/winter. Throwing in a blanket or a throw to your bed or sofa adds a touch of comfort and belonging as soon as you walk into your home from a busy day.

Mellow Pink Décor

The millennial pink was the colour of the year 2016 along with serenity blue and has since been embraced in the fashion and interior industry. For this winter season, the pink has toned down to mellow pink and compliments softly with the other matured earth palettes. This specific pink would really suit a monochrome or minimalist inspired interior.

Indoor Organic Plants

Indoor plants are a must-have accessory this season. The trend is to go with an oversized tropical plant (almost like an art piece), and it sure will be an eye-catcher too. Having a plant indoors has it’s health benefits according to research. Check out House Beautiful explaining the benefits of different house plants in detail, and with visuals! Moreover, indoor plants can make you feel at home.

Man-Made Décor

Clay tray, marble accessory, cotton blankets and throws are all back in this season. These accessories are usually hand-crafted and inspired by Scandinavian style with a twist of vintage.

Nature Inspired Textures and Bold Floral Prints

The monochrome style has emerged this season with subtle textures inspired by nature (nature has a big influence this year), presenting a decluttered appearance and striking statement, depending on how you style your interior.
Big floral prints and vibrant colours are also trending for those who love statement interiors. They are available as wallcoverings, on furniture carcass and even printed on accessories. This season prints and textures is almost like having a piece of summer inside our homes.

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