Indian Inspired Bedroom. Credit: Unknown

Remember my post on L’Hotel Marrakech by Jasper Conran?

Well, I was really inspired by his work, as well as, a talk by Sujata Keshavan, an Indian designer who talked about ‘Design and Indian Identity‘. Follow the link, it is worth watching for those who would like to understand how Indian design has impacted the creative industry and the daily objects we use. Another designer I was inspired by and was interviewed by The Hindu Times is Divya Thakur, who runs a design studio and retail outlet called Design TempleĀ in India (there are some pretty unique accessories and furnitureĀ pieces if you like Indian designs). She curated many famous exhibitions across the globe, including the V&A Museum called India Now. Thakur’s intention was to create an emotional connection with the audience, taking them on a journey and teaching about the ancient Indian approach to design.

Using the above inspirations, I decided to create a brief for myself. To work on an Indian style scheme inspired by vivid colours, patterns, style and culture. I’d now like to share with you my brief and design scheme for a master bedroom.

The brief:

The western style i.e. contemporary, minimalism and modern schemes are currently in demand within the interior design market, and the Indian design identity is slowly losing its place.

The aim of this project is to collaborate western and Indian design to meet the modern population’s taste. The design also needs to draw people’s attention to Indian’s contribution in the market i.e. texture, colour, shape and patterns. The scheme attempts to integrate the two styles together without compromising with one or the other. The project is thereforeĀ called East Meets West.

Design Credit: Miss Supra

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