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Colour of The Year: Living Coral & Spiced Honey

The blog post title says it all. Pantone released last month revealed ‘Coral Living’ and Dulux released ‘Spiced Honey’ as THE COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2019! So watch out folks, we will be seeing a lot of these colours in different tones within the design and fashion industry.

Living Coral

The colour of the year 2019 'Living Coral' has a gold undertone and brings warmth, as well as, comfort as people integrate digital and social media to their daily lifestyle.

"Living Coral is a nurturing colour that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media." ~ Pantone

Living coral can be incorporated with subtle or vibrant tones in residential and commercial spaces. (That's if you are bold enough to use colours!) Here are my selections of favourite Living Coral interiors.

The before and after effect of painting Spiced Honey – Dulux Colour of the Year 2019
Photo credit: Dulux Website
Spiced Honey:

Spiced Honey is all about the new mood allowing in positivity and optimism. Dulux sees the colour Spiced Honey as a desire to ‘let the light in’ consisting undertones of amber and rich caramel that adds an inviting atmosphere to any space.

- Spiced Honey can be combined with any colour palette to create different moods in an interior:

- Richly pigmented reds or teals + Honey Spice = Relaxing room.
- Vivid Bright Colours + Honey Spice = Energising environment.

Soft pastels + Honey Spice = Tranquil space.
Richly pigmented colours + Honey Spice = Relaxing room.
Vivid Bright Colours + Honey Spice = Energizing environment

The trade exhibitors have presented their new design furniture and accessories trend this month at Maison & Object, Paris, as well as, at the NEC Furniture Show at Birmingham. So, watch out for the next blog post on design trend for the year 2019.

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