The Mission

At Supra Interior, we develop distinctive spaces for our clients which are bespoke and dynamic. We pride ourselves on our client orientated care and impeccable standards during all stages of the design process. Our aim is to develop a solution that suits the needs of our client’s homes or businesses, delivering a personalised and tailored service.

Our design team are experts in employing cutting edge schemes to create unique and opulent spaces. Introducing all styles of concepts with bold statements, we make sure the homes are stunning or the commercial environments are engaging.

Why Us?

Our experience has shown us that every project is never the same! We keep up-to-date with trends and developments of new materials, interior furnishings and building regulations, implementing them into our client’s projects. Through consultation, we form concepts reflecting the client’s personality or a narrative theme based on the proposed brief. We do not only remain within the UK but internationally with our team of designers from all backgrounds ready to consult and guide clients through every stage of our service.

Our Services

Our process is very straight forward, we can either offer a digital or one-to-one consultation service.

The one-to-one service involves the client approaching us and allowing us to create a single room, floor or a whole building that accommodates their expectations. We consult throughout every stage making sure the needs and desires of our clients are met. During this process, a site visit is also conducted to see the space ourselves in the event that structural or design changes are required. Using this detailed brief, we devise a concept and create a presentation for an approval by the client. Once the scheme has been approved, we can recommend a group of highly qualified trades professionals and a network of trustworthy suppliers to source interior furniture, as well as, project manage the transition and installation.

The digital service is a new virtual design support offered to our clients. All that is required is a brief submission and dimensions of the space. A professional team member will then be in touch assisting the client throughout every stage up to the final design assuring we keep your interest and satisfaction as a priority. Then it is up to the client to proceed with us or on their own. Whatever the choice is, we support your decision and appreciate your business.

We offer services under the following categories:



Interior Architecture


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