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Are you debating whether to hire an interior designer or not? Well don’t look any further because in this blog you will understand why having an interior designer is SO IMPORTANT and the COST BENEFITS ‘$$ of working with a designer, compared to doing it yourself.

As a specialist spatial designer, I get approached by many clients for help to overcome design problems (I use the term ‘Spatial Designer’ as I offer a combination of interior design and architectural drawings services for building renovation and refurbishments). Design problems include colour schemes for a room or house, the interior layout of a house and more complicated issues, such as coordinating a scheme. It really is a stressful job (trust me, I do it for a living), however having the right designer who is in love with their job, with an eye for every detail, can help personalise your home into something amazing that reflects and represent your personality. Do be careful! As there are some designers who can be pushy with their designs. Therefore, I suggest you do your research, look at social media (there is so much exposure on Facebook & Instagram as businesses are competing on all sorts of platforms) or simply ask someone who has previously used an interior designer for a referral.




You may think you can design your own room (which I believe you can, no doubt about that!) However, an interior designer is able to think outside the box, asses a space, use appropriate lighting and solve problems using design. Designer’s charge a fee for a reason and that is because they fix problems you might not recognise or see until it is too late!

Helen McClure a freelance journalist and an interior designer brilliantly explains the reason there is a need for interior designers in the market:

‘An interior designer is able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, as well as dealing with the details. When it’s your own property it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees and assess a situation in a dispassionate way.’ 

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This is a really simple rule, if you have a budget, say it! (Seriously, just say it!). You are paying an interior designer to decorate your home and the challenge is to achieve an eye-catching scheme at a budget. Setting aside that interior design is NOT only for the Rich and Famous is equally agreed by blogger Jessica from Freshome’s Very Best who recommends design and architecture to lovers like me and you. To hire an interior designer the cost including design fee starts at £5,000 up to £250,000. Starting price can be cheaper IF you decide to furnish only your home without walls or floors replaced or redecorated (for each room).



A good designer is usually very organised and is able to give you the total costing for a project after the presentation. Clients who decides to do it themselves might not achieve the scheme desired and end up spending the same or even more than anticipated. Organisational skills are vital and a professional designer who has graduated with a degree is trained to do this since the very beginning of their career. So here is a piece of advice, by choosing the right designer who considers cost and is organised, can save you A LOT of money. Think I am joking? Read this article by Huffington Post on ‘How to SAVE Money by Hiring an Interior Designer.’

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Designers have tradesmen or companies available to introduce to you from the very beginning of a project running the project smoothly and with open communication. Did you know interior designer are the ones who ‘coordinates and manages your renovation project’ when it comes to engaging in a project, according to QANVAST. That’s because designer are the ones whom you approach first, offers you the floorplans, moodboard and 3D visuals. Without these, there is no scheme to follow (some of you may disagree!). However, if you have a contractor offering to design your home, Do you think they will consider colour, spatial layout or prioritise the interior arrangement that appeals to the eye? I’ll let you think about the answer.



Designing your own home can be EXTREMELY STRESSFUL. Especially managing costs, buying, dealing with admin and making sure delivery is on time (I can go on). However, hiring an interior designer can benefit you from having to look for tradesmen, design the WOW factors for your home or room and organise to run a project within scheduled time. This is something clients can really underestimate until they have already committed to doing it themselves (it’ll be too late by then).  Here is a factual information about what interior firms mostly deal with; 40% of the work is design related (the fun part). The other 60% is project managing and dealing with admin (the most stressful part!).


There is a reason why interior design service is not very cheap. That is because every scheme a designer produces are personalised to their client’s taste (I keep repeating this, but that’s what a good designer does!) Interior designer’s job is to listen, take a brief, design and openly communicate during every stage. When you work on you own, you are fully reliable and you will not be getting a second opinion. Designers also work hard to be on top of the latest trend and have access to resources that are not widely available to the public. If you want your home to have that WOW factor, then I definitely suggest hiring us.



An interior designer can help boost the value of your property just before placing your house in the property market. A good designer also has an eye for detail and are able to see the flaws instantly, which means you are more likely to get through a quick sale when it comes to selling. Here are 10 ways for a homeowner to add 10K property value suggested by GQ.

It’s the same for landlords investing in an interior designer to add value to a renting property. It can mean three things: 1) Adds more value to your property when you decided to sell. 2) Charge a reasonable fee and/or higher rent. 3) Beat your competitor with nicer interior décor for tenants to live in (there are competiton out there for this!).

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Hopefully you will have a clear understanding of just Why You Must Hire An Interior Designer! If cost is still a concern, my advice would be to hire a consultant. At Supra Interior, we offer homeowners consultation guiding those who need help (but limited to spending) or have already begun their home design and are in desperate need of help! The consultation package includes ideas, how to and tips and one-to-one discussion (believe me, some clients were very happy to spend those couple of hours!). At Supra Interior, we already have a network of professionals who are ready to assist you with projects and have resources available that will make your new home go wow! However, we want to make sure everyone can afford interior design service (not just the rich!) So why not enquire about our RETAIL SCHEME. There is a selection of design schemes that have already been prepared sourced from recognised retail home décor stores so it can be affordable for everyone! You can pick any scheme that suits your taste and budget and the starting price is only £150! Do not hesitate to drop me a message.

Thank you for reading! And let me know your ‘Do it Yourself’ experience’ by commenting below.

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